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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hey, you!

Since I have zilch to blog about today,
I have decided to share these fabulous reads with you instead.

If you're getting married soon, hoping to get married soon or you're
just obsessed with weddings, then check out this funny chick's
latest posts covering her ahhmazing nuptials.  

Her honeymoon has me wishing for my own sea-bound adventure.
And don't get me started on her overwhelmingly breathtaking
ceremony or the super fun western-themed welcome party.
The girl has magical party-throwing capabilities.

My friend Jen has not one, but two blogs.
Peanut Butter Runner journals her healthy living lifestyle / marathon
training while Bakin' and Eggs features her mad culinary skillz.
Just goes to show lazy, cheese-filled people like me that
you can have this gorgeous body

and still eat this



and this! 

It's just going to take a little sweat and determination.

Dear Thunderthighs, 
We are going running this afternoon.
So deal with it.
Love, Me

Moving along...

I can look at design blogs ALL day and never get bored
but Jamie Mears is extra extraordinary.  

After this little discovery, I've definitely started thinking outside the box in
attempt to smarten up my own abode.  Check out her new online store,
Furbish for items to make your home happy.  If I only had unlimited funds
and furrbabies that pick up after themselves, I would be all set.  In the
meantime, I'm getting lots of ideas for how to manage my
growing book collection.  I LOVE her bookcase of the day posts:

Why, yes.  That is a real baby being used as a tchotchke.
And an adorable one at that.

Hope y'all are having a fab week!

-- A

"Aint No Reason" - Brett Drennen


Jen said...

Ashley, thank you so much for the shout out. I love reading your blog - it always, always brings a smile to my face.

Have a fabulous day!

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