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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Channeling Martha

I have been in a crafty mood lately, constantly perusing the
webs for something fun that I can actually use
I settled on 3 fairly simple projects and set a goal
to finish them before February disappears. 

Dog Bed on Wheels

The browndogs will love it! We'll probably make it
a bit larger to accomodate both. Thankfully, they like to cuddle.
I like this design because we can roll it out of the way when
needed. And hopefully it will cut down on the amount
of hair that burrows into our rugs. 
Might have to bring the handy-dandy husband into
the mix on this one. I am not to be trusted with power tools.

Circle Scarf

I have talked about this before and
it's high time I dust off the sewing machine
and make my own. Even though I failed
sewing class, I'm thinking this will be easy.

Door Candy


This guy can be made in minutes.
And I think it's kind of Kate Spade-ish.

Anyone else channeling their inner Martha?


Kat said...

Totally love all three. Especially that wreath!

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